Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's go KROGERING!!!! Major score!! (with pic)

I was able to hit Kroger's yesterday and thought that I'd share some fantabulous deals I found there!!  All my ecoupons came from PGesaver, Kroger's and Cellfire or Shortcuts.

I had a 99% savings, actually a little higher because I received $9.59 back from a scan right guarantee.  I also used (2) $3 cats - 1 from the daytona deal, the other from a GM deal and then a $5 ecoupon (from a Pillsbury promo).  

All in all I only spent $0.48 for everything listed below.  WOOT, WOOT!!!

Here's what I bought:

(16) Purex laundry detergent - $1.18 ea. (clearanced)
- (16) $1/1
= $2.88

Bounty 8pk Paper Towels $5.99
- $1/1 pg booklet (home mailer)
- $2/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $2.99

Egg Beaters 3pk $2.99
- FREE cpn from WM 
= FREE!!!

Charmin toilet paper $5.99
- $1/1 pg booklet (home mailer)
-$3/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $1.99

Downy 60 load $4.99
- $1/1 PG 2/27 insert
- $1/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $2.99

Tide Stain Release $5.99
- $3/1 PG 2/27 insert
- $3/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.01 OVERAGE!!

Pampers 60ct baby wipes $2.17
- $0.50 doubled PG 2/27 insert
- $1/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.17

(2) Purex 3-in-1 (rang up wrong)
- $4.49 x 2 scan right guarantee (yes, they gave me full price back for both)
- $3/1 Sunday insert cpn
= $6 OVERAGE!!

Febreze Set & Refresh $2.49
- $1/1 PG 2/27 insert
- $1/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.49

Old Spice high endurance bodywash $3.00
- $3 PG 2/27 insert (free bw wyb deo.)
- $1/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $1 OVERAGE!!

Secret deodorant $1.99
- $0.50/1 (doubled) PG 2/27 insert
- $0.50/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.49

Old Spice deodorant $1.79
- $1/1 PG booklet (home mailer)
- $1/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.21 OVERAGE!!

Clairol Foam Hair color $7.79
- $7.79 home mailer
- $3/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $3 OVERAGE!!!

Tampax Pearl $4.36
- $2/1 PG 2/27 insert
- $2/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.36

Olay facial cleansing cloths $3.99
- $2/1 PG booklet (home mailer)
- $2/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.01 OVERAGE!!

Gillette Proglide razor $6.99
- $5/1 PG booklet (home mailer)
- 3/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $1.01 OVERAGE!!!

Venus razor $8.99
- $5/1 home mailer (I can't recall it's origination)
- $3/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.99

Head & Shoulders shampoo $3.99
- $2/1 PG booklet (home mailer)
- $1/1 pgesaver ecoupon
- $0.99

Ensure Vanilla 4pk $3.99 (markdown)
- $3/1 peelie
= $0.99

Crest ProHealth Toothpaste $2.50
- $1/1 PG 2/27 insert
- $1/1 pgesaver ecoupon
= $0.50

(2) Gogurt Yogurt $1.99 ea.
- (2) $0.50/1 (doubled) - came from a complaint I had
- $0.75/2 ecoupon
- $0.75/2 ecoupon
= $0.48 (for both)

(2) Silk soymilk $2.99 ea.
- (2) $1/1 ips
= $3.98 (for both)

(6) Pillsbury Sweet Rolls $1.25 ea.
- (6) $0.50/1 (doubled) 12/12 SS
- $0.40/2 ecoupon
- $0.40/2 coupon
= $0.70 (for all 6)

Yoplait yogurt whipped (single cup) $0.60
- $0.60 (free coupon)

Yoplait Fiber One 4pk yogurt $1.99
- $0.50/1 GM 2/13 insert
- $1/1 ecoupon
= $0.01 OVERAGE!!!

(6) Old El Paso Soft taco shells $1.29 ea.
- (6) $0.50/1 (doubled) SS 1/30
= $1.74 (for all 6)


  1. I called my local Krogers and they said their ecoupons can not stack with manufactures coupons. Is this a regional thing?

  2. Wow.. great deals. Thanks for the post. I went ahead and got some of these myself, was not able to save quite as much as you but 81% is pretty good. Some of our prices are a bit higher. Wish I could find that Purex, ours is clearanced at 2.18. Our Kroger ad says that they do not stack coupons with e-coupons but all my coupons go through when I use them. I never was using the e-coupons until just recently, they really do bring the costs down. I did not really trust or understand how they worked at first, so I just trust that the store computer knows what it is doing. If something beeps I generally will not fuss about it. I know all stores are somewhat different but it's worth a try.

  3. I'm not sure if using ecoupons w/a manu. coupon is a regional thing or not. Honestly, I don't know how they would know that you have those ecoupons on there until they come off at the end?

    And you're right Allison, all stores are different. Even here locally there is a HUGE difference between the coupon policies from stores that are within miles of one another and in the same district. All that corp. can tell me is that the policies are up the each store mgr.

  4. Great job Linda!! I haven't had much luck with kroger ecoupons but I may go give them a try after seeing this! I honestly haven't even tried in the last couple of months. Come over and share your savings on the Bluegrass Savers Weekly shopping page.

  5. Hi. I am thinking about starting to use coupons. I have done a little bit with pinching your pennies but I would really like to get into the big stuff. I am not sure where to start. How do I get ecoupons? Do you go dumpster diving or how do you get so many regular coupons? I just really don't know where to start and was wondering if you could give me some advice. I would really appreciate it. I spend way too much at the grocery store and I hate it!!

  6. Hi Sid and Michelle! We'd like to suggest that you head over to to help get you started. Lots of GREAT people over there that can help you with the basics as well as shopping at each individual store!

    Ecoupons are loaded directly to your card by various online sites where you register your shopper card, like a Kroger card.

    Buying extra papers, checking out your local library, asking family and friends, maybe your local WIC office, dumpster diving, etc are all great ways to get extra inserts! You might also try coupon trading, which is also available on

  7. WOW! I got yelled at for using e-coupons with Manufacture Coupons at my local Kroger. I honestly now call the Kroger Manager Mr. Grumpy when I see him. Or Mr. Hatefulness. I got so embarrassed because couponmom is in my region and I have been reading her book stating you can use e-coupons with Manufacturer coupons and they (Kroger Manager- Mr. Hatefulness) said no that was using two manufacture coupons for one product. I worry when I go to Kroger because I upload coupons at the beginning of the week and I want bother wasting ink and paper printing off the list of what I load on my card. It should be up to the cashier to say mam you can't use both you can use one or the other. NO they don't say that. I know my local Kroger had the Tampax 50-54 count on sale for $6.99 - $2.00 ecoupon and $2.00 Manufacturer Coupon = $4.99 or $0.09 each. I will not pay no higher than $4.99 for a big box but I used my manufacturer coupon at publix stacked with a publix coupon and paid $0.99 for the small box. I just can't believe how some people can get by with that next if you use both an e-coupon and a manufacturer coupon they'll try to get you for coupon fraud. I hope that's not the case but you never know. I read on someone's blog that the coupons on the Kroger website were considered "store" coupons and now it's very frustrating because so many people say to do that and I feel like they would put me under the jail I tried to do that. But I'm glad you're Kroger lets you "stack" :)