Monday, March 14, 2011

Contacting companies.... the ever-growing list!!

Ok, so I have decided to break down and take the time to start contacting the companies of various products that my family and I routinely buy, yet can't get coupons for their products, can't get enough coupons for their products, OR they only put their coupons in certain regions (on a constant basis, like kraft bagged cheese for instance).  

I'll keep a running list of who I contacted, how YOU can contact them yourself and what if any response or coupons I may receive back from them.  So stay tuned often cause I will be adding to this list as often as I can!!

March 1

March 14
  • Kraft (regarding parmesan and bag cheese) - received a rather rude email back from them.  BOO!!
  • Bush's Baked Beans -received 4 GREAT money-saving cpns on 3/17!!  (2) $0.55/1 and (2) $0.55/2 any bush's beans

Below you'll find an actual email I sent to Kraft.  I send ones similar to this and make it a personal email to each and every company that I contact.  Most of the time I am just complimenting them on a certain product that my family and I really enjoy.  I encourage you to do the same!!

Hi!  First I want to let you know that my family and I LOVE your products!!  We buy Kraft branded products almost each time we grocery shop.  However, here lately that has changed as the ever-rising cost of food goes up.

I am contacting you to inquire about possible coupons for your Kraft parmesan cheese.  We go through 3-4 cans of it a month among my family of 5.  However, since prices keep going up and there are never any coupons available for it, we have switched to Walmart's Great Value brand, as it is cheaper.  I would LOVE to know if you have any coupons available that you could mail me for your Kraft parmesan cheese, so that my family and I can continue buying your brand instead of the off brand.

ALSO, I wanted to complain for a moment as well.  While we LOVE your brand of bagged cheese, I am highly disappointed that when you decide to put coupons in the Sunday newpapers for your Kraft bagged cheese, you choose to only do it in select areas and leave us smaller areas out of the coupon loop.  As a result of this, I have again resorted to buying off-brand cheese at Walmart, Target and Kroger's because it is much cheaper than your brand, even though your brand is what we prefer.  Unless I have a coupon, it's not something that we can afford.

With that said, I come to pleading for any coupons you may be able to send me for BOTH your Kraft parmesan cheese AND your Kraft shredded bagged cheeses.  I thank you kindly for your time and attention to my email.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I have just started doing this as well and wanted to tell you that is a very nice list started. I've had luck with fresh step cat litter and heinz (as well)...No luck with the little debbie people though.

    Also wanted to say thanks for the list.

  2. You're very welcome!!! Thx for letting us know about tide cat! We heard back from kraft and they were rather rude and cocky in their response. Makes me want to not buy their products. LOL Let us know if you try contacting anyone else!